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Sutcliff Swap Exchange Schedule and Policies
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riventhorn wrote in sutcliff_swap
Sutcliff Swap is a multifandom exchange for fanfiction and fanart based on the childrens' and adult novels and short stories of British historical fiction author Rosemary Sutcliff. While perhaps best known for her novels of Roman Britain, Sutcliff's works spanned settings from c. 2000-1000 BCE to the 19th century Ottoman Empire.

You can find a list of her works here on DW (LJ mirror post).

(We are not permitting fanworks based on the 2011 movie The Eagle, or on the Eagle of the Ninth radioplay or BBC series, the BBC Blood Feud series, or any other adaptations for this exchange. However, works based on the books Eagle of the Ninth and Blood Feud are extremely welcome.)

This exchange is also for stories set during the canonical era of the source--which means AU from canon events is fine, but please save the modern and science fiction AUs for other venues.

If you do not feel you can sign up for the exchange this year, you can still sign up as a potential pinch hitter, beta someone's art or story, or create treats.

Useful Information


Riventhorn/ riventhorn / riventhorn AT gmail DOT com
Vingtieme/ vingtieme

Livejournal Community: sutcliff_swap
Dreamwidth Community: [personal profile] sutcliff_swap
Sign-up Form: Here
Archive of Our Own Collection / Subcollection: Sutcliff Swap / Sutcliff Swap 2012 / Sutcliff Swap 2013/ Sutcliff Swap 2014


Signups: April 7-13
Matching and assignments go out: April 21
Creation period: April 21-June 2
Default deadline: May 19
Fanwork deadline: June 2
Pinch hit deadline: June 8
Archive opens: June 9


Signups are through our signup form. Each participant must make at least three (3) requests based on a Sutcliff novel or story, and specify whether they would like to receive fiction, art, or either. Each participant must offer at least one (1) Sutcliff fandom, and specify whether they are willing to create art, fiction, or either.

If you would like to change your signup, simply sign up again. Your most recent signup will be used for matching.

Each participant will be matched to a recipient based on fandom and characters, taking other preferences into account as best we can. The creator may choose any of the recipient's requests to fulfill in one of the requested media (fiction or artwork).

  • Archive of Our Own:: In order to sign up for Sutcliff Swap, you will need an AO3 account to post to the exchange collection. If you do not have an AO3 account, you may request an invite code here, or contact one of the mods and we will try to get you one by signups (if you do not receive an invite code by signups, we will handle that on a case-by-case basis).

    We hope this is not too inconvenient for anyone, but AO3 makes a number of logistical factors much easier, and we hope this exchange will grow in the future to take advantage of more of AO3's features.

  • Requests: You must make at least three requests, and an optional fourth request. They may be in only one or two Sutcliff fandoms, but must have three different characters or combinations of characters. For example, you could have three Eagle of the Ninth requests, but request Marcus/Esca for one, Marcus/Cottia for another, and Guern for the third. You may request fic, art, or either. You can find a list of Sutcliff titles here on Dreamwidth (LJ mirror post).

  • Offers: You must offer at least one source. However, if you offer a single source, please try to offer more than a few characters. You can specify character limitations in a number of ways, for example:

    Eagle of the Ninth:
    -any but Marcus and Esca
    -Cottia, Hieronimianus, Placidus, and Guenhumara (no Cottia/Placidus)

    And so on.

  • Minimums: The minimum for a story is at least 1000 words of a finished story (not a work-in-progress). The minimum for art is one finished piece (not a sketch or draft). Creators may exceed the minimums if they choose. Creators may also create more than one piece for a recipient; however, at least one piece must be in a requested medium (fiction or art).

  • Dear Creator letters: If you would like to provide more ideas/squee/optional details for your creator, you are welcome to write a letter in your journaling account and link it in your signup (you can link a placeholder if you're not ready to write it). We will also have a post to collect links to Dear Creator letters, and participants without journal accounts may post letters in the comments.

    These letters are optional! Participants do not have to make one, and creators do not have to follow anything in the letter beyond the officially requested fandom and characters. However, many people find these useful.

Matching/Assignments period

After signups close, we will match recipients and creators as quickly as possible.

Participants will be matched to a recipient that has requested at least one (1) fandom, characters, and one (1) fanwork type they have offered. Please let us know if there is an error in your matching once you receive your assignment.

Creation period

  • Submission Requirements: Assignments will be due on June 2, 2014. Completed assignments must be uploaded to the Sutcliff Swap 2014 AO3 Subcollection (AO3 tutorial).

    Since there is no anonymous period this year, fanartists may host their own art and embed it on AO3.

    Your fanwork must be a) from one of the fandom/character combinations your recipient requested and b) in one of the media your recipient requested as well. It must be at least 1000 words for a story, or a completed piece for art.

  • Defaulting: If you have to default, please notify the mods as soon as possible. Because this is a small exchange, there is no penalty for defaulting, but more notice makes it easier to assign pinch hitters.

  • Pinch hits: Because this is a small challenge, we will not be posting pinch hits publicly, but contacting potentially interested individuals. If you are interested in pinch hitting, please indicate this on your signup form (participants) or email Riventhorn at riventhorn AT gmail DOT com (non-participants) with the following information:

    -your AO3 user name
    -fandoms/character restrictions
    -whether you can create fiction, art, or both

  • Betas: We encourage but do not require creators to use betas. If you are having trouble finding a beta, we suggest checking out the conversations in the source promotion posts. If you still can't find someone, contact a mod and we'll see what we can do.

  • Permissions: We would also like to encourage people to include a paragraph in their creator's notes indicating whether they give blanket or partial permission for others to remix, produce secondary fanworks (e.g. illustrations, stories, fanmixes, cover art, pre- and sequels, spin-offs, etc.), and/or record podfic for their Sutcliff Swap submission. If there is enough interest, this may lead to fun things later on.

  • Captions: We also encourage artists to provide some captioning if possible, either a brief description or a transcript (for comics), in order to make fanworks accessible to more people.

Story and creator reveal

The collection will open on June 9 (or whenever all pinch hits are in).

Please make an effort to thank your creator for their work! If you know you will be out of town or unavailable when the collection opens, please consider posting to your journal to let your assigned participant know that you may not be able to access your gift immediately.

If you have made it through all that, congratulations! We hope you aren't scared off and that we will be able to have a fun little exchange. Feel free to leave a comment here or PM one of the mods with any questions.

(Some of the policies for this exchange were based in part on the Kaleidoscope exchange run by [personal profile] dark_agenda in 2011.)


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