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Sutcliff-Swap 2018

Sutcliff-swap is back this year!! Signups open March 18. You can see the full schedule on Dreamwidth here.

As a reminder, or for those who have never participated, Sutcliff Swap is a multifandom exchange for fanfiction and fanart based on the childrens' and adult novels and short stories of British historical fiction author Rosemary Sutcliff. While perhaps best known for her novels of Roman Britain, Sutcliff's works spanned settings from c. 2000-1000 BCE to the 19th century Ottoman Empire.

(We do not permit fanworks based on the 2011 movie The Eagle, or on the Eagle of the Ninth radioplay or BBC series, the BBC Blood Feud series, or any other adaptations for this exchange. However, works based on the books Eagle of the Ninth and Blood Feud are extremely welcome.)

This exchange is also for stories set during the canonical era of the source--which means AU from canon events is fine, but please save the modern and science fiction AUs for other venues.

If you do not feel you can sign up for the exchange this year, you can still sign up as a potential pinch hitter, beta someone's art or story, or create treats.

Your DW mods this year will be riventhorn & isis.

As a reminder, we are no longer running a mirror of the exchange on the LJ comm, although I (bunn) have offered to copy admin announcements here.   I hope I got it right!   I've turned off comments here, since it seems like it would make more sense to post them over at DW where the main comm is, but if you can't post on DW for some reason and really want me to turn them back on, drop me a PM, I feel there aren't enough of us to be too fussy about this stuff.

We hope to see some familiar faces participating and also welcome new people as well!! Please feel free to spread the word!
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 A few things:

1. sutcliff_swap will be on hiatus this year. I have a lot of stuff going on during the timeframe when we usually run the fest (finishing my PhD, graduating, trying to find a job, etc), and I'm not exactly sure when things will settle down. I definitely intend to bring it back next year, provided I have, indeed, found a job and am not wandering homeless in the wilderness. That being said, I am not proprietary about swap at all--if there is someone who would like to mod the fest this year, let me know, and I can give you access to everything.

2. Given the new user agreement required by Livejournal, I am making the executive decision to stop using this lj comm sutcliff_swap. I'm not going to delete the comm, but I will stop posting to it, and all future fests will be run strictly from the Dreamwidth comm. Again, if anyone has strong objections to this and wants to take over the lj comm, we can work that out.

3. Even if swap isn't running this year, chantefable is running a monthly Sutcliff fanmedia challenge over on sutcliff_space on dw ! It is very low pressure--each month, prompts are posted (really awesome prompts!), and past months remain open, so there isn't a strict time limit. Go check out this month's prompts.
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Sutcliff Swap--One Week to Go!

A reminder that fanworks are due on June 3, one week from today. If you are not going to be able to finish your piece in time, please let us know ASAP by commenting on this post or emailing me at riventhorn[at] Works should be posted to the 2016 Collection on AO3. If you have any questions about how to post, please let us know.

If you're doing treats, those can also be posted up until June 10, but please make sure that your assignment has been posted by June 3.

We're very excited to see everyone's creations!
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Today is the Sutcliff Swap Default Deadline

If you need to default from Sutcliff Swap for any reason, the last day for defaulting and being able to participate next year without penalty is today. You can still default after today, but you may have to write a treat or complete your assignment later to be eligible to participate next year.

To default, simply email me (riventhorn[at] You don't need to give a reason, but please list what pseudonym you signed up under. If you default but end up finishing your assignment, you are welcome and encouraged to post it to the collection anyway.

If for some reason you find you need to default after today, the more advance warning you can give us to find a pinch hitter, the better. We would prefer you default and find you can finish your assignment after all than wait until the last minute to default.
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Sutcliff Swap How to Post and Treats

How To Post

When you are ready, you can post your work to the 2016 Collection on AO3. Use the "Post to Collection" button, being sure to fill in your assigned recipient. As with previous years, works will not be anonymous once the collection opens; creators will be revealed immediately. If you have not posted to AO3 before and have trouble, send me a PM or an email at riventhorn AT gmail DOT com.


A treat is any story or piece of artwork not created for your assignment. You can create extra things for your recipient or treats for people who are not your recipient. People who have not officially signed up as participants are also welcome to make treats if they find prompts inspiring. There is not an obligation to create treats; it's only if you want to.

Unlike official assignments, there is no minimum requirements for treats: ficlets under 1000 words and quick sketches are both fine!

To post a treat, simply post your story or artwork to the 2016 collection as you would for your assignment, and fill in the pseudonym of the person the treat is for. It's nice if you indicate in tags or notes that it's a treat.

We have put together a spreadsheet listing everyone's requests for treat purposes.

Also, a reminder that the default deadline is May 20.
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Sutcliff Swap Assignments Have Been Sent

Assignments have been sent out. If you have not done so already, please reply to the email so that we know you received your assignment. If you have not received your assignment, email me at riventhorn[at]

We have a wide range of requested canons, so it should be a great fest!

Following are the links to all the Dear Creator letters. If your letter is still a placeholder, now would be a good time to update it!

If you have not written a letter and decide you would like to, please leave a link in the comments on either the LJ or DW post and we'll update the lists. Prompts will be revealed for treat purposes soon.

Dear Creator letters